Cookies Old Testament Now at Precept Online

As of 2013, Cookies on the Lower Shelf is being hosted on the Precept Online Community.


Week Ten Wrap-Up

What a joy it has been for me to study with you this summer! I know we’re separated by miles but I feel like we’ve become a true community nonetheless. As we wrap-up our time together I’d love to discuss these questions with you:

• What is your one big takeaway from studying through the New Testament?

• What is your next step in obedience after this class ends?

If it’s registering for Cookies: Old Testament, you can do that by clicking here:

Week Nine Wrap-Up

Can you see the goal line from here? I think I can! I’ve had a great time studying with each of you this summer and look forward to a strong finish. Even if you’ve only been reading the blog up to this point, please give posting a shot before we finish. By now, I’m sure you’ve observed that our conversations are grace-filled and our intent is to build one another up in the faith, not to tear each other down.

As I mentioned in the video, here a couple of opening questions to get us started, but please feel free to ask other questions or share takeaways you’ve had while studying.

• How has God shown Himself faithful to you in putting you where He wants you to be when He wants you to be there?

• What truths have you learned from Paul’s life about being faithful even in the midst of hard circumstances?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Week Eight Wrap-Up

Great time this past weekend sitting under the teaching of Kay Arthur at Harvest Bible Chapel. Can’t wait to hear her again this October at the Precept Women’s Conference! If you’re free the weekend of October 19-21 I’d love for you to get yourself to Chattanooga for that conference and we can meet in person! Online is great, but there’s something special about face-to-fact. Check out the link on the home page of our study that will take you to more information.

For now, though, let’s talk Romans! Here are a couple of questions to get our discussion rolling.

• How do we go about presenting the Gospel in a world that largely discounts the reality of sin?

• What has been your biggest takeaway from the book of Romans?

Looking forward to your voice in the discussion!

Week Seven Wrap-Up

Hope you all are in the midst of a great summer in the Word! I’m super excited this weekend as Kay Arthur is going to be in town at a women’s conference at a local church. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and will be at Harvest for the conference, let me know and I’ll watch for you. Love studying together online, but also love meeting face-to-face.

Here are a couple of questions to kick off our discussion for this week:

What theological truth from Ephesians will most affect your life in a practical way day by day?

What is your favorite book of the New Testament (of those we’ve dealt with in our lessons so far) and why?

Don’t forget to put in your two cents and encourage others who are discussing! Looking forward to hearing from you . . . let’s all finish strong together!